Boat Rides

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Boat Rides

Embark on an experience that is more than just a boat trip. To sail along the banks of the Douro is to witness the most beautiful landscape that the north has to offer.

Watch the gathering between the sun and the river. See Porto rise over the Douro estuary. The whole city: the monuments, the towers, the courtyards, the walls that tear alleys. Sail from the Gaia Quay to the Alto Douro and enjoy a unique view of the Quintas.

Choose between the famous 6 bridges tour or other more exclusive proposals: a tour for two, celebrating a unique moment, the river is the limit. In yachts, sails or rabelo boats, there is plenty of space and time for all kinds of sensations. The trips can last a few hours or a whole day. Private or in groups.

Due to its proximity to the pier, The Lodge serves as a privileged starting point: a sunset waiting to be admired, a breeze, a cloud, the Douro. In these tours where the notion of time is suspended.

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