Wine Academy

Become a wine expert


Besides providing a leading service in the wine sector, The Lodge shares its know-how with its clients, partners, and friends. Our team of sommeliers has developed different dynamic courses for different target audiences. So whether you want to start learning about wine, increase your knowledge or enjoy excellent experiences, we have suitable options.

Our wine education courses will take place in The Lodge and the Port Wine Cellars or other equally delightful locations managed by our wine partners in the Northern region.


How to taste wine?

At our wine tastings, you will learn about the various steps to follow to get the maximum potential and pleasure from enjoying wine to the fullest.

Price per person: 35€

How to buy wine?

Choosing the most appropriate wine for a special occasion, a meal to be remembered, or even to secure as an investment whose value will increase over time can be a challenge given the multitude of choices on the market.

Because wine is our speciality, we have created a masterclass in which we share our knowledge with simple tips and guidelines that will help you when buying wine.

Price per person: 25€

Introduction to Port wine

Among many other things, Port Wine stands out for the richness and intensity of its aromas, which give it a high persistence of flavour and a wide range of sweetness and tonalities.

Learn to identify the different types of Port Wine, discovering winemaking and the special categories of this unique nectar.

Price per person:  45€


The art of pairing wines and food in a balanced way is as old as time and is all the more complex, the more choices there are.

We share our knowledge and practices, so you can use them in your daily life, learning to pair wine and gastronomy, beautifully elevating the flavours in a way that will satisfy even the gourmand in you.

Price per person: on request.

The Douro region

The Douro is the oldest demarcated and regulated wine region in the world. Its 250,000 hectares are divided into three different sub-regions, in which wines with particular characteristics are produced. Get to know the specificities of each terroir and Douro grape variety.

Price per person: on request.

Introduction to the world of Portuguese wines

Did you know that Portugal has the fourth most extensive area of vineyards in the European Union and a vast quantity of native grape varieties that allow us to produce a great diversity of wines with very distinctive quality and character?

In this course, you will learn about the different types of wines produced in Portugal, the winemaking process, the foremost wine-producing regions, and the properties that make them world-class wines.

Price per person: on request.

Traditional cooking class

Secrets of Portuguese Food

Learn to cook 3 of the most famous Portuguese dishes with our Chef.

Do you love to cook? Do you want to learn how to cook the most iconic dishes in Portuguese cuisine?

In this class with our Executive Chef, you will learn the best cooking and preparation techniques for three delicious national dishes and enjoy our rich food and wine traditions in a social and relaxed atmosphere. To complete the experience in an unforgettable way, the dishes you will have the pleasure of preparing will be paired with a perfect selection of wines prepared by our team of sommeliers.

Price per person: from 150€  | Minimum 4, maximum 12 persons per lesson.